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For patients with missing teeth, there have never been so many state-of-the-art options to restore the quality of their smile.  John W Stephen, DDS wants his patients to understand all the opportunities available at his office for those in need of dentures or partial dentures in his Keller dental practice.

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Custom Dentures 

Dentures are a type of smile restoration that dentists have been using to supplement tooth loss for years.  The denture is a removable appliance designed to look just like your natural teeth and fits in the place of missing teeth.  For those patients experiencing total tooth loss, complete dentures will fill in the entire jawline with natural looking, removable replacements.  

There are two types of complete dentures: conventional and immediate.  The conventional type is fabricated once all the teeth are removed and the gum line has completely healed.  Immediate dentures are prepared prior to the teeth being removed and keep patients from having to go toothless for an additional stretch of time. 

Benefits of Partial Dentures

For those patients with a smaller area of missing teeth, partial dentures are a great solution. The partial will fill the space by securing to the remaining teeth with metal clasps.  Our Keller dentist lets patients choose what type of metal is used for the clasps.  Another additional benefit to having a partial denture is that it keeps the remaining teeth from shifting into the existing gap.

Dentures Options in Keller

Dr. Stephens wants his patients to know that whatever treatment option they would like, whether it be dentures, permanent options, or neither.  Choosing to have dentures, whether complete or partial, will require several appointments over a period of time.  X-rays, impressions, and measurements are taken, while adjustments are made to ensure the comfortable and secure fit of their custom appliance.

While dentures are durable appliances, patients do need to have regular checkups to ensure all repairs and adjustments are made to keep them working properly.  In addition, patients are given care instructions, including tips for proper cleaning and appointment times for future maintenance.

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