Restorative Dentistry in Keller

We all wish our teeth were in pristine condition, however, most people eventually experience some degree of dental damage. Conscientious dental care can prevent many tooth ailments from occurring. However, accidents, decay, and genetic factors predispose us to dental health issues.

Whatever flaws your teeth may experience, Dr. John W. Stephens has over thirty-five years of experience to restore health to your smile. He compassionately treats patients with quality dentistry in Keller and surrounding communities.

Tooth-Colored Fillings and Bonding for Attractive Smiles

Often the first line of defense in protecting the health of our teeth is with cavity treatment, and Dr. Stephens uses tooth-colored fillings. These are matched to teeth for an undetectable finish. Enamel colored fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have several health benefits. They do not contain the metals found in traditional, silver fillings, which have caused allergic reactions in some patients. Also, since these fillings are bonded to the tooth, in which Dr. Stephens only drills away decay. Preserving as much tooth structure as possible is always a top-priority of dental professionals.

Restore Health with Root Canal Therapy and Crowns

Root canal therapy restores health to a tooth that has advanced tooth decay. Typically, cavities affect the enamel and dentin of a tooth, however, if decay reaches the tooth’s inner chamber, the pulp becomes infected, causing painful toothaches. If not treated properly, the infection can travel to neighboring teeth and even access the bloodstream, infecting other organs throughout the body. Root canal therapy stops the infection and preserves the tooth’s function.

After Dr. Stephens completes the root canal procedure, he prepares a tooth for a porcelain crown. The crown protects the damaged tooth and encases it with a prosthetic that is matched to neighboring teeth. Crowns are very durable and with proper care can give you years of service.  

Dental Implants, Fixed Bridges, and Dentures after Tooth Loss

Although Dr. Stephens tries to preserve teeth whenever possible, sometimes tooth loss is unavoidable. There are several ways to treat tooth loss, whether it be for a single tooth, a row of teeth, or multiple teeth.

Dental Implants are by far the most comprehensive way to replace a missing tooth. They have several advantages, including:

  • Full functions such as chewing, speaking, and tasting are provided.
  • They maintain the health of the jaw bone and neighboring teeth.
  • Implant supported restorations are customized to achieve a beautiful smile.

Fixed Bridges are another restorative treatment for tooth loss. Pontic tooth replacements are secured to neighboring teeth. The anchoring teeth are first strengthened with porcelain crowns so they can provide strong support to the bridge. Fixed bridges keep neighboring teeth from moving out of alignment, and they are customized to provide a life-like and aesthetically beautiful restoration.

Dentures and Partials are removable prosthetics that can replace a row or full arch of teeth. Full arch dentures rely on adhesive paste for secure placement onto the gums. Partial dentures use metal clasps to attach to adjacent teeth. Dentures are made of acrylic that is matched to the natural color of your gums. Patients can participate in the design of the teeth for an appealing and natural looking smile.  

Dr. John W. Stephens in Keller for Healthy Smiles

Dr. John W. Stephens takes pride in the quality of his work and treats patients with compassion. He can keep your teeth healthy and offer solutions when your smile needs to be restored. Give his dental office in Keller a call for dental service you can trust.  

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